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Crazy Colin's

Magic Shows

Educational & Just For Fun Magic Shows for Schools, Nurseries, Pre-Schools, Out of School Clubs & Libraries

CRAZY COLIN specialises in providing professional children's educational and magical programmes for schools, pre-schools, nurseries, holiday and after school clubs and libraries.

Whether it is a special show for your pre-school children, a year end school or Christmas magic show for the whole school, a PTA fundraiser, a school disco,or a magic workshop in the school holidays CRAZY COLIN dazzles and delights with his visiting magic show, performing shows as a treat, as a reward, for any occasion, or to get an educational message across in an entertaining way.

Whatever your needs the CRAZY COLIN has it covered. Our marvellous magic shows are packed to the brim with conjuring, comedy and action, and there's tons of audience participation too getting helpers up at every opportunity. We have magic shows aimed at different age groups (early years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2) and we also have magic shows aimed at all age groups all together - where we perform magic clever and exciting enough to impress the older children whilst mixing it with suitably silly stuff and slapstick to keep the littler ones laughing all the way through.