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Crazy Colin's

Magic Shows

  • STARRING Crazy Colin and Dizzee the Dog
  • 45 minute Magic Show
  • Nurseries
  • Pre-Schools
  • ​Reception
  • DBS Checked Entertainer

Are you worried to book an anti-bullying themed show in case parents start thinking there is a bullying problem at your Centre? Have you tried to find shows on this subject and found all that was on offer were shows aimed at older primary school aged audiences?

Well, look no further …

CRAZY COLIN's Little Mates Show is a 45-minute show designed for young children and teaches three key friendship behaviour messages using magic. While the LITTLE MATES show has anti-bullying themes of cooperation, respect, inclusion, tolerance, care and compassion, LITTLE MATES is in fact a gentle introduction to getting along with others and making friends in a way that the children can understand.

Using colourful and interactive magic tricks, CRAZY COLIN promotes 3 important messages:

  • Cooperation and tolerance
  • Inclusion - Come join our group
  • Playing by the rules

Using a variety of magic routines, the children will learn about:

  • Choices
  • respecting differences in appearance and culture and
  • how it is important to behave properly to others.

This show is full of magical storytelling, laughter and amazement.

This show features DIZZEE THE DOG – who doesn't play by the rules – and all the children will be given the opportunity to meet and pat DIZZEE after the show.

These are the perfect learning program to re-enforce friendship behaviours

BULLY BUSTERS can be booked any time of year.  However you may be interested in booking for ANTI BULLYING WEEK, run by the Anti Bullying Alliance,  which takes place nationwide between Monday 11th November - Friday 15th November 2019.

​​If you are looking for an Anti-Bullying Show for  SCHOOL CHILDREN then you may be interested in the BULLY BUSTERS Show.

  • Anti Bullying Week (Monday 11th November - Friday 15th November 2019.)