Children's Magician

Want an Exciting School Assembly Show that will keep the Children, Staff and Parents Happy at your School?  Do you need a dynamic children's entertainer to provide your school with top class "Edu-tainment"? Do you require a performer that can provide programs that are not only hilarious to the children but also inspire and motivate?
Are you looking for programmes that are as EDUCATIONAL as they are ENTERTAINING ... or do you just want to reward YOUR students for their hard work with a show that is just PURE FUN!

If so, CRAZY COLIN is the schools magical performer just for you ...

Maybe you'd like to invite CRAZY COLIN to your school to MOTIVATE.  Click on SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL for details about our Educational Show's including BULLY BUSTER'S (Anti Bullying Show), THINK! ROAD SAFETY (Road Safety Awareness), STRANGER DANGER, REDUCE REUSE and RECYCLE (Environmental Awareness), MAGIC OF BOOKS (Reading and Library Encouragement) and SCIENCE OF MAGIC (Science is Fun Awareness Show)

Click PRE-SCHOOL FUN to find out what packages could lead to CRAZY COLIN perform his own MAGICAL FUN! SHOW, or maybe he can tranform the children into magicians in the CRAZY COLIN MAGIC WORKSHOP... OR for CHRISTMAS, as well as performing his own JINGLE BELLS MAGIC SHOW, also has a direct line with the North Pole for MAGIC SANTA and the Collywobbles, the MAGIC ELF 

​... OR any time of the year you can ask CRAZY COLIN to leave his magic at home and be the DJ for your next CRAZY SCHOOL DISCO.