Children's Magician

Transform your child and friends into Little Magicians by simply inviting our Magic Workshops to your party!

Your child and his or her friends are the ones that will make the magic happen!   Every boy and girl will love this way of learning simple but amazing magic tricks. They learn how to make objects appear and disappear just like a real magician!

These popular Magic Workshops are designed with fun and entertainment in mind - this is no stuffy lecture! The children all go home buzzing with magic and will not be able to wait to try out their amazing new magic tricks on Mum, Dad, friends and anyone they can persuade to watch!

Besides being a ton of fun, our magical students develop skills such as improved eye-hand coordination, social interaction skills, creativity, mutual respect and courtesy as well as being a self-esteem and self confidence booster.

The magic taught is age appropriate and well within the grasp of children.  The workshops are designed for children 6+, but we have welcomed children younger and can do so again at your discretion. 

So how does a workshop work?  Firstly we perform the magic tricks the children are about to learn. Everyone wants to be amazed first, right?  We then reveal the secret and then the children do the trick themselves.  We are then on hand to help anyone on a one to one basis.  At the end of the workshop the children make a Magicians Promise not to reveal the secret and it’s a fun hands-on activity.