Would you like to make your school an BULLY FREE ZONE?

Everybody knows that there is always the BULLY and the BULLIED ... in this show CRAZY COLIN turns the BYSTANDER into a member of a group of school superheros called the "BULLY BUSTERS".

Using colourful and interactive magic tricks, CRAZY COLIN explains:

The Bully Problem Triangle

How to recognise a Bully

How to become Bully-Proof for being a S.A.F.E.

How to become a BULLY BUSTER by being a School S.T.A.R.

This show is full of magical storytelling, laughter and amazement.

BULLY BUSTERS can be booked any time of year.  However you may be interested in booking for ANTI BULLYING WEEK which takes place nationwide between 13th and 17th November 2017.  Click HERE for more information.

If you are looking for an Anti-Bullying Show for PRE SCHOOL CHILDREN then you may be interested in the LITTLE MATES Show.

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